It’s Time To Break Free From Work

Let me tell you a story of how AFFILIATE MARKETING started me on a JOURNEY to making 4 figures online every month (…and how YOU can take the same steps I did).

I was always SO JEALOUS of anyone that ENJOYED THEIR JOB. I just couldn’t get into mine, couldn’t feel inspired by it, and worst of all, I had the BOSS FROM HELL.

I put up with the tortuous reviews, endless nitpicking and tried to say the right things just to FEED THEIR EGO.

My own confidence was BEATEN DOWN for years. And I began to doubt myself.

A TOXIC BOSS will do that to ANYONE.

I COULDN’T GO ON LIKE THIS. I wasn’t exactly young anymore, but the escape to retirement was A LONG WAY OFF.

It put a FIRE in my belly for MORE.


To live with ABUNDANCE.

To show them I COULD DO IT.

I KNEW in my heart I’d make something of myself one day.

I HAD to.

But they couldn’t see it. They didn’t want to.

Some people build you up. Others KNOCK YOU DOWN.


So, on the side, I started to look for ways to make money online.

I spent MONTHS looking. But didn’t take ANY ACTION.

Until I found a place called Wealthy Affiliate. Suddenly, everything I had been reading fell into place and it ALL MADE SENSE.

Within hours I had set up MY OWN WEBSITE.

It was a content-based website all about travel which was my real passion.

I followed my training, added some affiliate links and enjoyed the freedom of working on WHATEVER I WANTED TO.

I had the FREEDOM to pursue my own INTERESTS and use my own CREATIVITY.

It was fun and I enjoyed spending my evening BUILDING a REAL ONLINE BUSINESS.

A few weeks later I woke up to a NOTIFICATION.

“YOU HAVE EMAIL!” You have made $30 commission.


WHAT??!?! This CAN’T be real CAN it?!?

At first, I didn’t believe it was real. It was TOO good to be true.

That’s the money I would earn for a few hours tied to my desk… and all I’d done is go to SLEEP and I made a SALE?!?


And then it happened again a few days later, and again, and again…

It KEPT happening…

Until I was EARNING MORE per DAY from AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS than from my day job!

And that was one of my earliest LIGHTBULB MOMENTS…


I learned a LESSON I want YOU to learn RIGHT NOW!

You can EXCHANGE your TIME for MONEY but don’t be mistaken….

…that means you are selling your LIFE for PENNIES!

Time is something you will NEVER get back. Never REVERSE.

Money FLOWS. It comes. It goes. Sometimes you’re UP and sometimes you’re DOWN. But you can ALWAYS get MORE.

Time is FINITE.

If you FOCUS your time on doing WORK for somebody else, you will ALWAYS be TRAPPED, a VICTIM of that exchange.

But if you focus on building or ACCUMULATING ASSETS….

Then you will NOT have to EXCHANGE time for money anymore…

And it buys you your FREEDOM.

TRUE freedom.

Do ANYTHING you want to. WHENEVER you want to type freedom.

And that’s what AFFILIATE MARKETING is.

It’s about CONTROLLING the FLOW of traffic.

Adding VALUE to that traffic.

And MONETIZING that traffic.

Let me explain.

You go to work. You EXCHANGE a MONTH of your LIFE, and in return, somebody pays you some money.

Hopefully LOTS of money, but often, NOT AS MUCH AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE WORTH.

And then NEXT month, you have to exchange ANOTHER month of your life, for another PAYCHECK.

But as you know, at the end of the month, there’s usually VERY. LITTLE. LEFT.

If anything.

So next month, you’re at it again. TRAPPED.

Basically, for MOST people, FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

But if you MASTER how to GENERATE traffic (…free traffic or paid) then you can create traffic FLOWS.

Little PIPELINES of people that have similar interests, that you DRIVE into an OFFER…. and then you SPRINKLE some affiliate MAGIC in there

And BAM!

You turned that pipeline of similarly interested people into a cash flowing online asset!

Now this is not like a house. or a commercial property. or stocks and shares.

You don’t BUY these assets.

You BUILD them.

Usually for FREE (…unless you go the paid traffic route)

And there’s NO RISK attached. No investment needed.

And you end up with TINY LITTLE AFFILIATE links littered around the internet…

Creating traffic flows to MERCHANTS, that will PAY you for the people from that PIPELINE that turn into CUSTOMERS.

Now most people SUCK at this.

They post an affiliate link in their social media and wonder why they didn’t get a sale and then they write off affiliate marketing as some hocus pocus that doesn’t work….

BUT here’s the thing…

It DOES work, they just didn’t know what they were doing.

And it’s worked that WHOLE TIME and CONTINUES to work… And NOBODY can turn it off.

See it’s SIMPLE, but it’s not OBVIOUS to most people…

And unless you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t usually work! Which is why I am SO GLAD that I STUMBLED across Wealthy Affiliate.


So here’s the OVERVIEW of the basic AFFILIATE MARKETING formula…

  1. Find a GOOD NICHE with a good quality offer that pays well and converts well.
  2. Generate free (or paid) TRAFFIC with people that are interested in SOLVING A PROBLEM related to the niche you chose in step 1 above.
  3. PRE-SELL that traffic (reviews, recommendations and comparisons are great and easy for this!)
  4. Check your stats and WAIT FOR THE SALES to start pouring in!
  5. Now rinse, and repeat…

That’s IT!


It’ll be the EASIEST thing you EVER DID!






Done badly, you’ll be moaning it’s TOO SATURATED, or doesn’t work, or some other NONSENSE.

Now, instead of EXCHANGING YOUR LIFE for money… You are creating TINY little ASSETS here there and everywhere…

And over TIME, these assets COMPOUND…


And sometimes commissions can be HIGH

But maybe even MORE exciting is that some of these commissions can be RECURRING commissions… So you get PAID every month from the ONE sale you sent… And the next, and the next!

With the CRAZINESS that’s all around us, it’s important you start working on BUILDING PASSIVE INCOME ASSETS that can be built from HOME…

Affiliate marketing is the way I started….

Crazy thing is, it’s EASIER now than it’s EVER been…

How I Learnt To Earn!

Learn to make a passive income every month! There is no secret formula, it just needs you to apply yourself using proven techniques that will take you from dreaming about doing it, to being able to Change Your Life!



So maybe now you’ve decided AFFILIATE MARKETING IS FOR YOU…

….and you want it to be how you create your NEXT PASSIVE ONLINE INCOME STREAM…



I don’t know ANY online millionaires that have not done some kind of AFFILIATE MARKETING, at some point even if that’s not their ‘main gig’…

Affiliate marketing is like a RITE OF PASSAGE!

So let’s get stuck in.


First of all, you need to find a niche and find some stuff to promote!

Choosing a niche is an important decision and can be tough so you might want to check out this free training to get more detail, but I will cover the two main ways here.

There are TWO main ways to find an AFFILIATE MARKETING niche…

The FIRST way is to follow your INTERESTS or your PASSIONS. I think that this is the best way to get started on your first website.

There’s usually affiliate programs in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING…

You’ll struggle to find ANY active niches out there that don’t have SOME affiliate programs.

BUT, failing that, there’s always AMAZON ASSOCIATES which is AMAZON’S own affiliate program… YEP! You can promote ANY products on Amazon without even stocking it!

Amazon Associates is where Amazon PAY you to send them SALES.

It’s usually a LOW single digit percentage.

But on the plus side, they convert SUPER well and they sell some HIGH TICKET stuff.

So 3% of the sale might not sound great, but if it’s a $3,000 product, then it CAN add up. Or you can get LOTS of sales for cheaper products. They add up too.

Amazon Associates stores a 24-hour COOKIE on the customer’s computer…

So that you get paid for EVERY purchase your traffic makes during that 24-hour window.

If you TAG a customer with an affiliate link just before BLACK FRIDAY when they often spend THOUSANDS buying presents for all their family IN ONE DAY….

You can earn BIG money!

How do you tag them? There’s tonnes of ways but here’s a nice simple one for you!

Create a short list of BEST BLACK FRIDAY DEAL products that are absolute bargains (with your affiliate links).

And then POST your list anywhere where PEOPLE are (…making sure to be respectful of any rules)

But for example, maybe you’re in some NON-MARKETING Facebook groups filled with parents about whatever topic… Well they will likely be BIG spenders on Black Friday and would LOVE a list of bargains!

You’re doing THEM a massive favor because you’re showing them the best deals saving them time and effort and it costs them no more to purchase…

But here’s the COOL bit, they don’t even have to buy ANYTHING on your list for you to make BIG commissions.

Because of the 24 hour cookie that’s stored on their computer by them clicking ANY SINGLE one of your links, you will get PAID ON ALL THE PURCHASES THEY MAKE during black friday!

Isn’t that COOL?!

Having said that, Amazon isn’t necessarily the BEST affiliate programme.
You can find offers EVERYWHERE.

Software tools often pay 20-50% recurring!

Many supplement companies pay 30%-50%

Tonnes of digital products (online courses etc) pay 50%

And we’re not talking 50% of $10…. We’re talking product price points from anywhere from $50 up to $5,000!

50% payment of a $995 product is LOOOOOOVELY.

You do the math 🙂

And the CRAZY thing is, it’s JUST AS EASY to sell HIGH TICKET products as it is LOW TICKET…

But the point is there’s a product to promote WHATEVER niche you are in!

The SECOND way to find a niche is to FOLLOW THE MONEY!


There’s a bunch of AFFILIATE MARKETING directories out there where you can find great offers (…and you can find out how well they pay).

Here are a couple of good ones to use. They are HIGHLY trusted and it’s EASY to navigate (…but there’s tonnes more).

You get paid on time EVERY time.

CLICKBANK MARKETPLACE – this is where you’ll find tonnes of DIGITAL PRODUCTS for sale that you can promote.

And CLICKBANK track the sales and pay you the commissions directly, so rest assured you won’t get screwed over by dodgy merchants.

The downside is, some of the products on there are pretty awful so be careful what you promote if integrity is important to you (…and it should be for long term success and the accumulation of good karma 🙂 )

In their directory you can sort offers by GRAVITY and amount they payout.

The HIGHER gravity ones are the ones that tend to be sending the MOST sales for affiliates.

This can be GOOD or BAD depending on your viewpoint on saturation, but HIGH gravity means 1. it sells well. 2. there’s demand there!

SHAREASALE – this is an affiliate directory for tonnes of different merchants, some really big names that you will have heard of are on shareasale like GRAMMARLY, and REEBOK…

There’s literally HUNDREDS of offers on there that you can promote and like Clickbank, Shareasale track the sales and make the payments, so you can’t get screwed over!

Downside is, the merchant has to accept you first before you can promote so you may have to jump through a couple of hoops (or get creative) to be accepted into their programs… but these are BIG brands, so you can totally expect that, they have to make sure they only work with reputable affiliates that will promote them responsibly and not SPAM their links or anything crazy like that.

If you’re STILL struggling to find something good to promote you can always just use GOOGLE!

And you’ll find GREAT offers in ANY niche!

Simply GOOGLE the words “[NICHE] affiliates” and BAM, there they all are!

In fact, it’s my FAVORITE way to find offers 🙂

I don’t want this post to be TOO long, but hopefully, you got a good idea of how to find products to promote – it’s SUPER EASY and as you’ll probably have noticed, affiliate marketing is BIG BUSINESS… The BIGGEST sites and best brands in the world DO AFFILIATE MARKETING!

And you can TAP into their success and get YOUR piece of the pie…START YOUR WEBSITE TODAY (FOR FREE)


I’m going to try and pack as MUCH value into this post as possible…

But it’s very hard to distill all my knowledge into a post and keep it beginner friendly… But I’ll do my best!

So there’s only really 3 basic steps to affiliate marketing:

That’s IT!

Now if you’re taking things next level, there’s MORE to it…

For example, you might capture the lead first and build an EMAIL list, and create automated email follow up sequences to STACK offers and pre-sell MORE offers on auto-pilot, but let’s keep this with the FUNDAMENTALS of affiliate marketing for now.

We have already looked at SELECTING OFFERS.

Now lets cover TRAFFIC & CONVERSION.

There’s many ways to drive traffic.

People somehow think that TRAFFIC is HARD or SLOW to generate, just the other day somebody said that to me!

This is simply NOT true…

Essentially there’s TWO different types of traffic.


FREE traffic can take longer to build but has HUGE positive ROI and is high quality and can be totally PASSIVE once created.

BUT there are ways to get FAST free traffic too, like INSTANT. Today type free traffic.

PAID traffic is INSTANT or NEAR enough instant, but the downside is, you have to pay for it and the networks don’t really like people affiliate marketing directly without adding value first.

So if you think you’re going to simply sign up to an affiliate program and then fire up some Facebook ads or Google ads and arbitrage the clicks, THINK AGAIN!

Those days are long gone.

But you CAN be sneaky and build a VALUE page first and send paid traffic to that, or even better, CAPTURE THEIR EMAIL and create profit sending EMAIL campaigns that follow up for you, can stack offers within them for multiple commissions.

But my point is look, if you want INSTANT traffic, you can get it from FREE sources.

If you want INSTANT traffic at SCALE, then you’ll have to PAY for it, but you CAN have it and have it RIGHT now.

I advise you START with FREE traffic. There’s less risk attached and you can practice your PRE-SELL techniques…. more on that later!

Just to give you an idea of how many TRAFFIC sources there are, I’ll list a few below (…but there’s LOTS more!)

Google – FREE! Targeted free traffic is hard to beat. This is the traffic that everyone wants!
Pineterest – FREE! Many hugely successful website have been built entirely on Pinterest traffic
YouTube channel – FREE!
YouTube ads – PAID!
Personal Facebook profile – FREE!
Facebook Groups – FREE!
Facebook Ads – PAID!
Google Ads – PAID!
Instagram Ads – PAID!
Instagram Profile – FREE!
Microsoft Ads (previously Bing) – PAID!

And those are just some MAINSTREAM sources…

You can drive traffic from LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Reddit, Medium, Torrents and soooooooo much more.

See, traffic isn’t hard or SLOW, you just have to know what you’re doing… It can be INSTANT and SCALEABLE, or STEADY and PASSIVE – or any combination in between.

The KEY is to know how each platform works.

Now you might be more a TALKER or you might be more a TYPER, or you might not want to do ANYTHING and you’d prefer to pay somebody to do it for you… ALL those approaches WORK!

The key is to do the RIGHT one for you!

If you like TALKING. Do video. Screen capture. Slides. It doesn’t HAVE to be face, but if you don’t mind being on camera, that works great too!

If you like WRITING. Create TEXT based content to drive traffic.

If you don’t like either, but you have some spare cash, PAY SOMEBODY TO DO IT!

Typically a GREAT starting point is 30 articles.

If you write 30 high quality articles and stick to SEO based principles, or have somebody else write them and post those articles to a BLOG or website, 1-3 times per week, over the course of the next few months YOU WILL START GENERATING AN INCREASING AMOUNT OF TARGETED TRAFFIC…

And it’ll be FREE and LONG term.

So if you’re driving SEO traffic to a WEBSITE, you need to know all about on page SEO like TITLE TAGS, HEADLINE TAGS, NATURAL KEYWORD DENSITY, SEMANTICS, LONG TAIL KEYWORDS and all sorts of other bits…

That might sound difficult, but it’s REALLY really easy when you know how…

Basically, beyond BASIC TIMELESS SEO principles, you could learn in an hour or so, the BEST CONTENT typically wins.

So if you Google a keyword now and look at the top non-paid results you’ll see that the LONG FORM, IN-DEPTH quality articles that are kept up to date and VALUABLE are the ones that RANK well over a LONG period of time!

So, if you’re writing them, don’t expect a 300 word GARBAGE, SPUN rewritten, regurgitated article to RANK well… It won’t.

It’s not 2005. It’s 2020.

Respinning articles doesn’t work.

High quality content does. Surprisingly EASY to write, if you can write conversational English.

Now, if you’re looking to build HUGE traffic flows into one source then yes, you’re not going to RANK a BRAND NEW website for “laptop” or “broadband”…

But you might be able to rank it, with a little time and work for “cheapest broadband provider in the UK”…

As there will be LESS COMPETITION!

I’m not suggesting you try to build a site on broadband pr, it’s just an example.

But the more NICHED down you get, typically the BETTER the results in the SHORT team, and you can BROADEN the focus over time as you get traction!

This post is getting long, and I’ve only been able to cover some of the basics of SEO so I won’t be able to tell you EVERYTHING in this post but I DO want to give you a HUGE SEO tip!

If you go and try and learn SEO, you’ll run into ALL KINDS OF NONSENSE!

People will tell you to BUILD LINKS.

They will tell you to create SOCIAL MEDIA LINKING FARMS.

They will tell you to get on some PBN’s (private blog networks).


Do NOT listen to it!

Building unnatural LINKS will NOT HELP YOUR SITE and is a WASTE of time and resources…

Anybody telling you to BUILD LINKS in 2020, is an IDIOT.

That time should be spent on GOOD QUALITY content that will create NATURAL links to it by interested people.

Anyway, I want to keep this positive and NON-ranty lol so I’ll leave it there…

Like anything, it can be MINEFIELD, information is FREELY available and EVERYWHERE, unfortunately wisdom and EXPERIENCE isn’t… So be careful who you trust and who you learn from if you’re going to learn this stuff.


If you do NOTHING else productive in 2020… READ THIS ENTIRE SECTION!

In this part I will share with you one of the BIGGEST KEY SECRETS that has led me onto making 4-figure monthly online income…

I am NOT special.


If I can do it.


Got it?

So, we’ve established that AFFILIATE MARKETING is one of the most POWERFUL beginner and intermediate friendly business models online right now.

WORKING FROM HOME… Or anywhere with an internet connection.

And…. It’s about as passive as it gets…

I don’t GRIND for that income.

You DO need to put work in upfront. BUT that work pays you MANY TIMES OVER.

You could say, it’s some of the EASIEST money I make – I set it, and forget it for a LONG-term, hands-off income stream.

I can spend as little as 2 or 3 hours PER MONTH on affiliate marketing, but I continue to earn very well from it…


Each LINK you put out there.

Each TRAFFIC source you set up.

Each OFFER you promote.

Makes you MONEY!

IF, you know what you’re doing and you do it right.

And it could theoretically be INCOME that comes in for YEARS (…or at least a looooooong time! – I have MANY offers I haven’t touched in YEARS and I still get commissions for!)

…If you CONTINUE to exchange TIME for MONEY and SELL huge chunks of your LIFE, for money…. you will CONTINUE TO FEEL ‘STUCK’ in life, and maybe wondering, “surely there has to be more?”

So if you want CHANGE.

If you want a BETTER life.

Time to do things differently.

Time to start BUILDING ONLINE ASSETS (websites, affiliate links and traffic flows), that require a whole lot less YOU, and compound over time.

So, the last piece of the puzzle for people starting out in affiliate marketing is CONVERSION!

What’s conversion you ask?

It’s online marketing JARGON really that just means somebody BUYING something and becoming a customer.


Now, the BEAUTY of affiliate marketing is, there are NO “SALES” INVOLVED.

YOU don’t have to “SELL” anything, to make money.

So no FACE needed. No Rejection or anybody saying “no”.

The MERCHANT makes the sale, you just send the TRAFFIC.

But if you JUST DO that, your conversions will likely be LOW, and totally dependent on the MERCHANTS ability to sell – and the TRUTH is

…most merchants are RUBBISH at selling!

If you get 1% conversions on traffic to your merchant offer, then YOU ARE DOING WELL!

Because MOST merchants simply CANNOT SELL!

They have no COPYWRITING or MARKETING skills.

But this is where YOU come in and add value as a SUPER AFFILIATE!

Now, you’re not going to SELL anything… What you’re going to do is PRE-SELL it!

Remember, NO SELLING! (it’s important!)

If YOU “sell” the product, you will likely HURT the conversion rate, NOT help it!

So, what does PRE-SELLing look like?

Well, there’s a bunch of different things you can do to PRE-SELL an offer (some of which are REALLY powerful and can SKYROCKET sales but are beyond the scope of this post)…

…but by FAR the easiest method to start out with is to REVIEW products!

Right, imagine this…

You’re thinking about buying a SOFTWARE TOOL to help you do your online business and you have 5 choices.

All of them look alright from the websites.

And you don’t know WHICH one to go for.

But you want to get the BEST one for you, at the right price… And you KNOW all software isn’t created equal!

Every single tool will be different and it’s only from USING them will you know which is best!


At this stage, you are VERY FAR DOWN THE BUYING PROCESS…

READY to buy, with WALLET or PURSE in metaphorical hand.

You KNOW what you want.

And you know the solutions on offer.

You just need somebody to tell you which is the right fit for you!

THIS IS WHERE the AFFILIATE STEPS IN (…and why you don’t need tonnes of traffic to make a LOT of money!)

A trickle of traffic coming from “software tool review” keywords – which are SUPER easy to rank for – will send your COMMISSIONS THROUGH THE ROOF!

See, there’s this thing I always tell people…

As a merchant, if I say I’m the best, I’m bragging.

If somebody else says I’m the best, then it must be true! (…at least if the person recommending is an authority)

So…. Here’s what you do to CASH IN…

You write or record a good review highlighting the BEST features of the product and saying why it’s the BEST and then you add your link!


You’re making SALES!



And it means that the merchants conversion rate (or their ability to sell) doesn’t matter!

YOU MAKE MONEY EVEN IF THEY SUCK… Without ANY selling or rejection.

I have sold TONNES of GREAT products from the WORST looking, AWFUL websites of merchants EVER…

Because my PRE-SELL was ON POINT!


Now, this is only ONE method, there are TONNES more but I don’t want the post to be too long…

I simply cannot teach you everything in this post.

BUT I can show you where to find training that will teach you all these things AND MORE.

I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago and it was just what I had been looking for.

I had spent years THINKING about how I could set up my own business online. But I had NEVER actually DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE changed all that.




They provide the tools to BUILD your website. They provide HOSTING for your website. They provide a free Keyword research tool. Everything you need to build a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS all in ONE PLACE.

On top of all that, you will be part of the most ACTIVE, most KNOWLEDGEABLE, most HELPFUL COMMUNITY of bloggers and affiliate marketers in the WORLD.

There are THOUSANDS of members active every day and HAPPY TO HELP you when you get STUCK.

Rather than fiddle around with disorganized Facebook groups, or WAIT DAYS for a reply to your question on a blog post or YouTube video out in the wild, you can get QUICK ANSWERS to your questions so you can MAKE PROGRESS on your website AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.



Click the LINK below to sign up for your free membership.

Then, DO ME and YOURSELF a favor.

Work your way through ALL 10 FREE LESSONS and you will achieve SO MUCH.

You will have already started your VERY OWN WEBSITE!

If you follow the training, you will have already:

WOW. The training offers SO MUCH VALUE.

I think it is better than many courses that cost HUNDREDS of DOLLARS.

But you can HAVE IT FOR FREE.