Is Pruvit a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Make Money Selling Keto?

I know what you are thinking. Is Pruvit a pyramid scheme? That’s exactly what I wondered when I first came across them.

I am glad that you have taken the time to come here and check whether Pruvit is a scam before diving in and handing over your money. 

This post will show you everything that you need to know about Pruvit. We’ll let you know how it works, how much it costs to join and help you to decide whether it is the right opportunity for you. 

Pruvit Review – Quick Summary

Company: Pruvit

Price to join: $350 plus around $100 monthly for products

Rating: 1/5

Summary: Pruvit is a fairly typical example of a health and wellness MLM scheme (others include Forever Living).

There are many reasons that I DO NOT RECOMMEND you join Pruvit.

The biggest reason to steer clear is that you have to spend hundreds on the product every month. It is pretty much impossible to succeed and it is very likely that you will end up losing money, just like most of the other people that have given it a try. 

Do I recommend? No

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What is Pruvit?

Pruvit is an MLM company that sells Keto products. 

MLM companies like Pruvit don’t find new customers by spending their money on advertising and promoting their products.

Instead, they get people to sign up with the company and work as affiliates. Once you are an affiliate you can sell their products and claim a commission on each sale. 

To make more money you need to recruit more people to become sellers and build a team under you. 

MLM’s make this sound like a great way of making money but it’s really not as I will explain below. 

Pruvit was started in 2015 by CEO Brian Underwood. They are based in Texas. This isn’t his first MLM company, he has had some success already with bHip Global amongst others. 

He is a safe pair of hands and offers good leadership to Pruvit. 

Is Pruvit A Pyramid Scheme?

There is quite a fine line between an MLM and a Pruvit pyramid scheme. Some people don’t like MLM’s and label them all as pyramid schemes, but that isn’t quite true. 

Pruvit isn’t an outright pyramid scheme but does have some elements of a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is when your income relies entirely on the recruitment of others and there are no real products involved. 

Pruvit does have real products. It is perfectly possible for affiliates to sell these directly to customers and make some money without recruiting anyone.

But the real money is in recruiting. To be a success at Pruvit you will need to be good at recruiting others to sell the products.

Is Pruvit worth it? Do people make money with Pruvit?

As far as MLM’s go, Pruvit is not too bad. They are one of the better ones in a bad bunch so it is not saying a lot and this shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement.  

Most MLM’s will have an income disclosure statement that gives you a detailed look at the sort of money that people are making and that you could potentially make. Often there will be a break down of how many are making money, how many are losing money and a percentage breakdown of this.

Pruvit has theirs here, the stats are a couple of years old.

It makes for interesting reading. One of the most interesting lines is this:

“The average annual income for Promoters in 2018 was $1,666.28, and the median annual income for all Promoters in 2018 was $36.80”

Such a big difference between the average and the median shows that the average has been heavily skewed by a few high earners. 

If you keep reading there is a breakdown for the different ranks of promoter. Of everyone on the standard promoter rank (35% of all affiliates) the highest earner made $390 and the average was $13. Not a great annual salary!

It shows that you need to climb the ranks through recruiting others to make serious money. If you can get to rank 10 you can expect an average of $1.2 million! Sounds good. But to get here you need to recruit an enormous personal team. It’s basically impossible. 

How Much To Join Pruvit?

To join Pruvit you will need to pay a few different costs. These can add up above what seems a fairly low membership fee. 

To begin with, you will need to pay a $37 fee per year. 

On top of this, you will need to buy about $350 worth of products. 

It’s adding up already but that’s not all. There is a hidden cost of joining Pruvit.

To be eligible for commissions you have to order a certain amount of products EVERY MONTH. So you can’t take the low-risk approach of just slowly selling off your initial purchase to recoup your money and make a bit of profit.

You are basically forced to buy around $100 worth of products every month. 

If you can’t make enough sales, you can easily lose money with Pruvit. 

Pruvit Compensation Plan

One of the features of all MLM’s is overly complicated compensation plans. They make it impossible to figure out exactly what is going on and confuse you with technical jargon and unnecessarily complicated descriptions. 

You can check out the plan here.

You probably don’t want to wade through that whole document so I have picked out the most important details. 

Retail Commissions

The simplest way to make money with Pruvit is by buying their products and selling them directly to customers for a small profit.  

Residual Commissions

This is where the real money is and the way to actually have success with Pruvit MLM. It is how most people earn their money with this company – it’s the part that rewards recruitment.

The commission structure for the Pruvit comp plan is a unilevel plan.

This means that the closer a level is to you and the people you recruited, the more money you make. As you go up through the ranks you get a better commission across more levels. This is why the big profits are really only available to the few that make it to the highest levels. 

It is unnecessarily complex but the main thing to note is that to make decent money you need to recruit lots of people and you also need the people that they recruit to recruit lots more people and to sell lots of products.


There are also a whole host of bonuses to help you earn more. These are incentives to recruit more and get your recruits to recruit more recruits (is this the most recruits in a sentence ever?!). 

The bonuses have exciting names like MVP Mentor bonus and Go All-Star bonus but it is not that clear how you earn the bonuses. You can try and work it out by reading the Pruvit ‘Pruformance Gameplan’. 

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Keto MLM – The Pruvit Products

Pruvit has a range of products based around ketones. Pruvit claims that their product

“supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, boosts immune function, and elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition”.

They claim that this gives a whole range of benefits like appetite suppression, helps burn fat, unparalleled mental clarity and optimized cognitive function

To be fair their products are pretty well-reviewed on Amazon and they seem to have some happy customers. 

The main Pruvit product is Keto//OS Nat.

This is a powdery supplement that you mix into a drink. There’s a whole bunch of Pruvit flavors including:

  • Maui Punch
  • Tru Passion
  • Raspberry Lemonade, Lime Time, Heart Tart. 

Most people say that they are an acquired taste/taste a bit weird. But are using it as part of a keto diet to promote weight loss. 

It’s not cheap though and you are looking at over $100 for 20 servings. Around $5-6 per serving. It’s a lot for a drink that doesn’t taste great and has no proven benefits. 

I would say it’s a tough sell. How many people could you persuade to buy this in bulk? Could you convince someone that selling this is their route to riches? I don’t think that I could.

Pruvit – The Good

Whilst I don’t think joining Pruvit is a good way to make money, there is a couple of good things about it. 

Interesting products: The Amazon reviews show that some people like the product and there will always be a market for products that offer almost miraculous benefits. Their branding and design are quite cool, so that will help you sell a few. 

Decent leadership: The owner is experienced running MLM’s and there is decent support for Pruvit promoters.

Pruvit – The Bad

There are definitely more bad things than good things when it comes to Pruvit.

Expensive products – The products might be good but there are only so many people that will pay over $100 for 20 days worth of the product. Your salesmanship skills will definitely be tested, and you will also have to pay upfront for lots of product each month.

Competitive: Pruvit may claim to have totally unique products and they have some patents to back up their claims. But, there are loads of other products that claim similar benefits so it will be harder to sell these products and make them stand out. Recruitment is the real money maker and you will be targeting the same people that are interested in all the other MLM’s out there.

How many friends do you have/want? One of the worst parts of an MLM is that you inevitably end up pestering your friends and family to buy the product or recruit and sell the product. you’ll have to bother friends and family to recruit and sell products. 

This can put a real strain on friendships and often ruins them. 

Unlikely to make you money: Remember the median annual income for all Promoters in 2018 was $36.80. So half of all Pruvit promoters earnt less than $37 IN A WHOLE YEAR! Maybe you can be one of the few that makes megabucks, but the odds are very much against you.

Is Pruvit A Scam?

Pruvit is not really a scam. They have decent products and a compensation plan that will pay out if you make sales or recruitments. 

It may not be a Pruvit scam, but that doesn’t mean you should join them as a promoter. The chances of making money through them are very low (as with all MLM’s).

You will probably end up losing money or using the product yourself and trying to convince yourself that this means you are breaking even. 

Here’s A Better Opportunity

I hope that you have now decided that Pruvit isn’t right for you. Well done for doing your Pruvit research before getting stung. 

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