Panel Payday Review 2020 – One-Stop Shop for Online Surveys?

Welcome to my Panel Payday review!

At first glance, Panel Payday looks like a standard paid survey program. But, if you look a bit closer that is not quite the whole story.

If you have come across them and decided to search for a Panel Payday review, then you are one of the smart ones! The internet is full of scams and it can be hard to tell what are the best opportunities.

That is why I am here! I hope that I will be able to answer all your questions like “is Panel Payday a scam or legit?”. Keep reading to find out.

Panel Payday Review Summary

Company: Panel Payday


Product Type: Paid Survey Platform

Price: Free to join

Best For: Anyone looking to get into paid surveys that wants an easy way to find offers.

Summary: Panel Payday is a portal that will help you find survey sites where you will be paid to complete a survey. Except that they don’t really, they feed you some spam links and send you to unvetted survey sites seemingly at random. You won’t get anywhere near the $25-$75 that they promise which is pretty misleading as it is used as the main hook to sign up.

Recommended: No

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What is Panel Payday?

Panel Payday is a portal that groups together loads of different survey sites together so that you can find places to earn money filling in surveys.

The idea of a site that points you to all of these places isn’t a bad one, but the way that have done it is really annoying.

When you sign up you will be faced with a sign-up survey which is just an excuse to send you to loads of spammy websites.

It’s annoying. Eventually, you get to the site dashboard which looks like this:

I liked the idea of earning $100 on my first survey so I clicked on it.

But rather than a survey, it sent me to a very simple quiz. Check it out below. I got 3/3, full marks, well done me!

Amazing! I have one a top of the range phone!!!!

Hmm, shall I pick a brand new iPhone or a Galaxy S10? Decisions, decisions.

That’s not a bad return for the few seconds it took me to answer those questions. It’s not the $100 that Panel Payday referred to but it’s still pretty good. Actually it’s way better, isn’t it?

Let’s go with the iPhone.

What happens next?

It now seems that my prize is actually a special offer and I have to pay £3. Still, that’s pretty awesome for an iPhone. I guess that the postage or something. Seems reasonable.

Hold, on. If I enter my email address I am signing up for a £35 membership fee every month until I cancel.

What am I becoming a member of? No one mentioned joining any clubs. I was told I had won an iPhone.

Let’s scroll down a bit. Interesting, lots of stuff about how great an iPhone is. Oh, a get it here button. Nope, that just sends me back to the top. Scroll down again. Ah here it is.

Ok, so I am paying to join something called Tender Foot Ninja. I am not sure who they are. No one mentioned this before. oh look there is a little *

*Every 100 participant will receive an Apple iPhone 11.

Oh. That isn’t great odds.

And that definitely wasn’t mentioned before.

It’s not clear whether you have to pay the money upfront. But I didn’t want to risk it this is clearly a scam.

I tried clicking some of the other links to see where they got me and I occasionally got to a proper survey sign up page.

Like Top Surveys Todays, or the one below for Surveys 2 Cash.

Each time you click on a link you have to sign up to the new survey company so even if you take out all the spammy links and phishing scams, I am not sure what purpose Panel Payday serves.

There is no vetting of the companies or suggestions of the best value surveys to complete. A service like that which helped you maximise the time you spent taking surveys might be of some benefit.

You might as well Google something like “best survey sites” and see what comes up. There will be a blog that gives you some idea of which ones are better than others.

Although to be honest, if you want to make some extra money, I think you are better off looking into something like affiliate marketing where you can make a decent income

Most of the links took me somewhere like this:

Maybe they are the real deal, but I doubt it. I just can’t find anything useful in what Panel Payday offer.

A service that consolidates all the top survey sites on the net is a decent idea. They could have a survey of the day, or tell you what the best paying surveys are. That sort of thing.

But that service is not what Panel Payday provide.

They offer a bunch of links, which seem a bit random, and some of them are just total spam/scam.

I have had a look at other Panel Payday reviews and they seem to have had more luck with them so I am not sure if they have just become spammier in 2020. They seem to have partnered with some less than reputable firms, who use phishing URLs.

The sites look legitimate enough but really they are just looking to get hold of your personal information, things like user names and passwords. You know, the sort of things you don’t want people to know.

My advice to you is to think twice and do your own research first before you sign up for their partner sites. You don’t want to waste your time, or worse, end up getting scammed.

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Panel Payday: The Good Stuff

Usually, there are some pros to any site that I review but in this instance, the only one is that it is free to join so you will only lose your own time.

That is unless they send you to a scam site.

Maybe you will get led to a decent survey site and make a bit of money but in my experience, you just end up going around in circles looking at dodgy sites and having a 1 in 100 chance of winning something (and paying for the privilege).

Panel Payday: The Bad Stuff

Partnered with Some Bad Sites

There are lots of links that lead you to ‘competition wins’ and other shady sites. You are here to find a legit way to make money online and I don’t think that this is one.

I found it really hard to actually get to a survey site and there is nothing in the way of vetting of the companies or any help in finding the best survey site.

Over inflated Claims

On the Panel Payday website sign-up page they promise that you can make $25-75 on every survey. This is just not true.

There is no way that you can make this much money on each survey, if you could everyone would be doing it. The standard rate for an online survey is between 50 cents and $2.50 per survey. Not even close to what they are claiming, it is disingenuous at best.

It is just about possible to make this much if you are asked to join a focus group. But this is a rare event and filling in online surveys is a grind for very low pay.

Spam, Spam, Spam

Aside from the spammy links, they will also bombard your inbox with spam message after spam message.

Hopefully, you used a spare email to sign up with and it’s not your main inbox but it is still annoying as there is likely to be something in that inbox that you want to read and you have to wade through the spam to find it.

Is Panel Payday A Scam?

As Panel Payday is just a gateway to other sites you could argue that it is not a scam. But some of the sites that they link you to (and take payments from) could well be scam sites.

So I think that they should share some of the responsibility. If they were a legit website they would only send you to quality websites where you can be sure of earning a few bucks from doing surveys, without the risk of losing your personal data or getting scammed outright.

On top of that, the primary stat that is used to get you to sign up is the claim that you will make $25-$75 from each survey. This is just not going to happen so they have signed you up based on a lie.

Panel Payday Review: Final Thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my Panel Payday review. It should be pretty clear that I don’t rate it as a platform and I definitely recommend that you steer clear of it.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on finding a way to make more money. There are much better opportunities online.

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There is a Better Option

If you’re looking for a totally legit way to make money online you should click the button below to discover how I’ve personally created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.

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